Junk Cars Houston – Tips For Selling Used SUV

Many people today are choosing to buy more second hand cars than brand new ones. Not only is it cheaper but most second hand vehicles being sold in the US today are in very good condition, almost new. Selling a used SUVs as junk cars in Houston is easier now than ever. Here are some tips to guide you.

Use Your Smartphone

use your smartphone to sell your used SUV as junk car in Houston

Just a few taps on your smartphone and you have vital information on facts and price range of the vehicle you are trying to sell. Gone are the days when you have to rely solely on middlemen and used car dealerships just to move your car. You can start selling that SUV with just a few clicks of your phone.

Know the Value

Know the value of your SUV when considering selling it as junk car Houston

People have the wrong conception that just because the SUV is important to them, that importance can be transferred to cash. Sentimental value is just that and nothing more. Your vehicle will be graded based on its condition and current market value. Before you put a price on it, why not look-up how much it is actually worth. Try the Kelley Blue Book. This is a good source of information for you to know how much that SUV sitting in the garage is still worth. Be as truthful as possible when answering questions about details of your SUV. Prepare to provide information on make, model, mileage and current condition.

Prep the Car


Once you have the estimated value of your SUV it is time to prep it for sale. You need to have the vehicle’s title ready. This is important as you need to legally sign ownership to the buyer. Get maintenance records in order. A detailed service maintenance can increase the SUVs value. Take photos under natural light so as to get the best images that you can post online. The more eye-catching, the better. Take pictures from different angles.

Who To Sell It To?

You can sell your used SUV to a junk cars Houston yard

You can sell it to a private buyer, which is pretty straightforward, but requires a bit of selling skills from you so you can get the amount you want. If you are in a hurry to dispose of it you can sell it to a junkyard like We Buy Junk Cars Houston. This is much quicker route as you do not have to take photos or put up online ads. Simply call several junkyards, describe the vehicle as accurately as you can and answer all their questions honestly. You will then be presented an offer. Once all your documents check out they will tow the car and pay you cash on the spot.