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Car Problems That Will Put a Dent in Your Pocket

Over the course of owning a car, you will encounter car problems ranging from simple and quick fix jobs to complicated stuff that could have been prevented if proper maintenance was done.  Thinking of owning a car or contemplating of having one repaired but have no idea about the cost? Here are some car problems that will put a serious dent on your budget.

Engine Replacement

Better call your local Houston chapter of Cash for Junk Cars or pay for the expensive job of engine replacement. While problems with the car engine are fairly common especially for older cars, if it has incurred too much damage due to neglect or an accident, it may just be too expensive to pursue. A blown out engine can cost you somewhere between $4,000 to $7,000 dollars to replace.  And if your car happens to be an old model, the cost of repair may be much more pricey than the market value of your car.

Cylinder Head Gasket

The kiss of death for most cars. If you find that your car overheats too much, there is big possibility that the cylinder head is involved after everything else has been put into consideration.  If you are running a car that overheats, not only will it cause damage to other parts apart from the cylinder head gasket which will net more repairs.

Transmission Failure

If you notice a delay in acceleration or if the vehicle fails to reverse or move forward in direction, there might be a problem with the transmission.  Most of the time, the issue is something as simple as improver levels of ATF which is why you need to perform routine regular maintenance on your car.  If the transmission fails, expect to cough up two to three thousand dollars for the repair.

Snapped Timing Belt

If the timing belt snaps while the vehicle is in motion, expect significant damage to the pistons, rods and valves not to mention the crankshaft. The cost to replace a simple timing belt is around eighty to a hundred dollars. Cost to repair damage due to a snapped timing belt is around two to three thousand dollars.  Do the math.

If you find out that it is more expensive to fix your car than it’s actual value maybe its time you need to move on and get a new one instead. A good option for you  is to speak with Cash for Junk Cars today in order to obtain a quote for your car.