Chevy Safety Features – Keeping Your Family Safe

Chevy Safety Features

When purchasing a car, safety is always a primary concern. Chevrolet fully appreciates this and offers highly advanced safety technologies to keep you at ease while on the road. Its prevent, protect and respond safety packages have been specifically designed to ensure an optimal level of vehicle safety.

The Chevrolet Prevent Package

The prevent package delivers a wide variety of features that can anticipate an imminent collision and help you avoid it.

1. Front pedestrian braking system

The front pedestrian braking system utilizes forward collision camera sensors to detect pedestrian on your way. An amber colored warning icon materializes on the instrument panel whenever a pedestrian is detected. While a red alert flashes on the windshield if you are on a collision course with the pedestrian. This system also activates hard braking if you, for one reason or the other, don’t apply the brakes on time.

2. Lane departure with lane keep assist system

This safety feature functions just as a human eye would to detect lane markings on the road and then determines when you depart from them. If this is the case, the lane keep assist system will then nudge the steering wheel to bring the car back to the right lane.

3. Forward collision alert system

This Chevrolet safety feature works by monitoring the cars, which are directly in front of you while on the road. It then activates a tailgate alert if you happen to follow the car in front of you too closely for comfort. Alternatively, it will activate an imminent collision alert when you approach the car in front of you too quickly and place yourself in an imminent collision course with it.

4. Front automatic braking system

The front automatic braking system extends the forward collision alert function through delivering last second braking, which is designed to significantly minimize the impact of a front collision.

5. Electronic parking system

This safety technology permits you to park your car by simply pressing a button. It then automatically releases itself when you begin to accelerate.

Chevrolet Protect Package

The Chevrolet car safety protect package features include a robust and durable construction and 360 degree airbag system. The first involves the utilization of high strength steel as well as other alloys in the construction of these vehicles. These cages are in an excellent position of effectively absorbing and relaying crash impact energy away from your car’s cabin. This brand also provides safety belts and other related features such as LATCH systems to minimize the risks of injuries in the event of a collision. Also, these vehicles come with the very latest airbag technologies, with virtually all models featuring at least 10 airbags.

Chevrolet Respond Package

In case of a collision, you can get to benefit from the Chevrolet OnStar automatic crash response system. In-built sensors will instantly alert an OnStar advisor who will then be rapidly connected with your car to determine just what help you need. In the event, you are unable to respond, he or she will then utilize GPS technology to ascertain your location and ultimately request emergency assistance to be sent your way. Many models from this brand come with OnStar features as a standard for up to 6 months.

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5 Kia Vehicle Safety Features We Love

Kia in Silsbee TX Vehicles

Safety is one of the cornerstones of Kia automobiles. With the passage of time, this South Korean carmaker has developed and perfected advanced safety systems to guarantee you and your passengers are protected against any eventuality. We asked our friends near Silsbee Kia dealership about some of their favorite safety features. Let us now take a look at some of the most notable Kia safety features you should be aware of according to our friends at Classic Kia.

1. Kia advanced high strength steel (AHSS) construction technology

This brand is highly acclaimed for utilizing the innovative advanced high strength steel technology to fashion robust and lightweight body frames for its vehicles. These particular frames are assembled using patented methods and have a critical role in providing maximum collision safety. Very recently, Kia has begun to integrate an increasing ratio of AHSS steel to be able to deliver optimal rigidity as well as protection to its customers. Virtually all modern models currently available in the market now integrate two times the amount of AHSS as when compared to past models. The hot stamping technique in which these body frames are welded, further fortifies the most vulnerable regions of these automobiles’ cabins.

Kia preventive safety technologies

To offer the very best Kia safety features, this South Korean automaker has gone on to develop a wide variety of preventive systems, which come as standard features. This naturally puts you totally at ease while on the road. Generally speaking, all makes and models of this brand now come with active safeguards to enable you to efficiently circumvent any unexpected issue before they can actually occur.

2. Kia autonomous emergency braking system

This safety technology carries out its work by effectively detecting imminent collisions with other vehicles in front of you. It then can automatically apply the brakes to impede the collision course of your Kia or, if necessary, stop it altogether.

3. Kia lane departure warning system

The Kia lane departure warning system is designed to deliver audio and visual alerts that make sure you can stick to the right lanes while on the road.

4. Kia vehicle stability management system

This is yet another highly ingenious example of the very best Kia safety features that this South Korean carmaker has developed and perfected. It carries out its function by been able to monitor road conditions as you drive. Then whenever necessary, it will automatically control both the steering wheel and brakes of your car to guarantee maximum on-road stability. This of course makes sure that you can have a smooth, and more to the point, safe ride at all times.

5. Kia pedestrian bumper system

All newer models of this given brand come with invaluable Kia safety features to protect those around you in the event you are involved in an accident. As such, when you have the misfortune of colliding with a pedestrian, the bumpers of these vehicles feature lower stiffeners that are added to their bumpers. These stiffeners have been specifically designed to be in a position of significantly reducing the level of crash impact with the pedestrian’s knees along with legs. This naturally ensures that these individuals can be able to fall on your Kia’s hood. Instead of falling over it or even beneath it and thereby greatly minimize the overall injuries they can sustain as a direct result of colliding with your vehicle.