High-pressure pumping and booster stations by Flo-Dynamics Systems

High-pressure pumping and booster stations by Flo-Dynamics Systems, Alberta ,Canada


In a distribution system of water, the pumping stations are essential where the water is directly pumped into the system or where the pressure of the water has to be boosted due to the inadequate difference in the level of water in the gravity flow systems. The capital cost of the pumps is high. However, the priciest elements are the energy supply for the pumps. Hence, it is important that pumps feature a high efficiency as well as they are maintained properly.



A pump is a device that is used to water from one point to another with pressure to surmount the conflict along the journey. It is significant to educate about the different types of pumps, their usage, and designs in order to operate and maintain them. Pumping stations are used for dependable and efficient transportation and distribution of freshwater to ensure its availability for industrial, agricultural, and human purposes.

Pumping stations, which transport water to the distribution systems, are situated close to the portable storage facility or water treatment facility which is directly pumped into transmission the pumping systems. Pumps that force directly into distribution systems and transmission lines may be known as high lift pumps.

Booster pumps are extra pumps that are used to enhance the pressure temporarily. Booster pump stations are tenuously located from the main pump station, as in undulating topography which requires high-pressure zones or to manage peak flows in a distribution system.

Types of pumping:

Typically, there are two kinds of pumps which are used for portable water pumping functions

–    The turbine pump (vertical)

–   The case pump with a vertical split or centrifugal horizontal designed for various water-works operation


Discharging capacity of pumps:

  1. If the pumps are used directly to supply water without a tank, the capacity of the pump will be equal to the request of peak hour.
  2. If the distribution system has a tank, the capacity of the pumps would be equal to the utmost of the daily demand.


Selecting the right kind of pumps:

  • If level of pumping water is below 6 meters, consider using a centrifugal pump
  • If the water level of pumping is between 6 to 20 meters, consider using submersible or jet pumps.
  • If the water level of the pump is more than 20 meters, consider using a vertical line shaft turbine pump or submersible.


Flo-Dynamics designs comprehensive booster pump stations along with all mechanical, electrical, structural, and communication system incorporated. Their water and pressure boosting system that comes with both the pumping system and the control building is included in a single incorporated package. Flo-Dynamics offers the high-pressure pumping and booster stations in order to cater the demand of all applicable local as well as state codes for the structure and the entire incorporated system. Each of the systems is designed and provided with a custom controller, HMIs, touch screen and other options for efficient control. Flo-Dynamics provide comprehensive options for accessories like chemical injector systems, building HVAC, electronically operated dampers, interior lifting cranes, auxiliary power, eye-wash and sound attenuation, etc.


Top 3 Electricity Companies in Texas

Texas Electricity

Electricity is one of the most indispensable facilities that power human life on a second-to-second basis. Due to the ubiquitous necessity of this extremely vital service, there are thousands of companies jostling for an inexhaustibly guaranteed market in the energy sector. As such, it is quite challenging for the average consumer to choose the most affordable electricity supplier in this crowded industry. Therefore, discussed below are some of the leading energy companies in Texas. Read on to know the top 3 electricity companies in Texas.

1. TriEagle Energy

For keen Texans shopping for the most discounted energy charges, TriEagle Energy is no doubt the right electricity supplier to pick. This leading energy provider is outstandingly focused on matchless service delivery as well as building greater trust among its commercial and residential customers not only in Texas but also other states such as Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The trailblazing company has created an insurmountable competitive edge over their market rivals due to their incredibly consumer-oriented products and practical solutions for everyone. For instance, the TriEagle energy & electricity coupon codes give Texas residents an incomparable chance to save remarkable amount of money on electricity bills. Presently, consumers can reduce their regular energy bills by up to a whole 35% by using these fantastic coupon codes.

2. Champion Energy Services

Backed by the clean power company – Calpine, Champion Energy Services is among the most notable electricity providers in Texas. As a result of its inimitable energy deals, the firm has established an extensive customer base that stretches to other areas such as Pennsylvania. One of the most appealing aspects of this company is that it primarily provides electricity to individuals and commercial clients living in deregulated markets in the South. If you have been paying unbearably higher-than-ordinary energy bills every other month, this company is a top choice that will markedly minimize your energy expenditure as soon as the following month.

If the hundreds of praiseworthy consumer reviews on the internet are anything to go by, then Champion Energy Services is also a great energy supplier in Texas. Ranging from an awesome customer support team to an unbeatably responsive emergency crew on the ground, this is without denying the ultimate electricity provider for anyone who’s tired of dealing with rude power suppliers out there.

3. Just Energy

Although this giant company supplies electricity to several millions of consumers not only in Texas but also beyond the United State’s borders, its service provision chain has not been bogged down by its colossal corporate size. Besides, helping you reduce your regular energy expenses, the firm also offers green energy options at amazingly discounted prices. Most admirably, their SmartStat thermostat version is precisely the type of hi-tech appliance you need to save unprecedented amounts of money day after day.

To get an overview of how Just Energy treats their esteemed customers, try searching for user comments on the internet. You’ll discover that the user-oriented electricity company has an honest billing system that doesn’t have any hidden charges. As you’ll definitely from tens of candid customer reviews about this top-cadre energy company, even slightly disgruntled consumers who raised any issues with their systems finally had their problems promptly handled in a professional and consumer-conscious manner.

TriEagle Energy Video

Here is a great short video on our number one pick TriEagle Energy.