3 New Plants For Your Texas Garden + Peonies

Plants are really beneficial in the course of our daily lives. They provide us with food, shade, rain and are ornamental to the environment. Your garden shouldn’t only be dominated by edible vegetation, but should be a blend of both flowering and food plants. Flowers are beauty enhancers and will really bring out that vibrant flora atmosphere. Isn’t it a great combination to sow vegetables and flowers in the same garden? It is a great idea worth trying out and you won’t be disappointed by the results. Here are some of the 4 new plants that are being planted in most gardens in Texas;

They accentuate the beauty of nature. Once in full bloom, the scene created is breathtaking since it’s beauty reloaded. It creates an alluring ambiance for everyone to gush over it. That happens during spring period. In summer, the flowers wilt and the tree is left with nothing but green leaves which turn gold during fall.

The plant doesn’t require much care provided it is provided a good foundation during planting. Transplanting cannot favor this kind of plants. For nourishment, it only needs a sunny climate with well-drained soils. These kind of plants need a cold season to necessitate bud formation. If you want our recommendation, try one of our favorite pink peonies.

This plant is associated with religious purposes. A lot of people believe this plant can make you see visions and other supernatural experiences. It grows well in moist regions. Its flowers are of different colors; some are blue, white, red or yellow. The plant is somewhat unique in some way. It is hairy on the leaves, stem and flowers for water retention purposes. The hairs produce volatile oils which when touched, the same oil glands rupture releasing a foul smelling substance which wards of animals and insects.

‘Texas Gold’ columbine
Its scientific name is Aquiligia chrysantha. This kind of plant flourishes well in shady regions especially under trees. They bloom to produce yellow flowers which lights up the garden. It should always be watered to make it grow to its desired size and shape of 30 inches tall and 24 inches wide. It does well in dry areas therefore you won’t go through much hassle trying to tend to it. Its brightly colored flowers are a sight to behold for the birds especially the hummingbirds. This is because the same flowers produce a sweet sap liked by birds.

Mexican Sunflower
This is a perennial plant that grows as high as 4 to 6 feet with orange, red or yellow flowers. Once the flowers are in bloom, they stay on for so long without wilting. They grow to a considerable length which makes it easy for one to watch the butterflies as they revolve around the brightly colored flowers of the plant. The leaves are dark green and its flowers bright orange to blend well and entice pollinators. It is advisable to grow the plant from a seed form and the advantage with this plant is that, it is indestructible by pests. They cannot even come near it. It is pest resistant. Dead flower heads should often be plucked off to encourage more blooming.

Flowers are natural beauty to the landscapes. Other flowers are used as food, medicine or even traditional purposes. Sensitization on the importance of plants should be encouraged to drive people to planting more of them in their gardens.