Quality Tents for Growing Marijuana

Top Quality Tents for Growing Marijuana

There are many reasons to grow your cannabis indoors, and among them is a bit of stealth – it is not everyone will appreciate you are growing some weed on your property. Indoor grow tents not only help contain odor with the help of carbon filters, but they also help create an ideal indoor grow environment, together with the necessary grow lights.

Skeptics may not see the importance of a good quality tent, that is a few dollars costly than the normal cheap tents. However, a quality tent means a lot of things and among them is higher and better yields, not to mention keeping curiosity of neighbors at bay.

Other Benefits of a Quality Tent for Cannabis Growing

Your plants need adequate sunlight for growth and thriving. In an indoor growing space, the commercial grow lights readily fulfill the role. The quality of grow tents can enhance the lighting efficiency or otherwise.  So, finding the best grow tents for growing is crucial.

You see, good quality tents have a reflective material in their inside part to bounce the light to the plants, achieving an even distribution. The tents provide complete darkness, ensuring that no light permeates, and reaches the plants during rest.

A decent grow tent also helps achieve, and maintain optimal temperatures for your growing cannabis. The location you choose may not necessarily be adequately warm or cool for the plants, but the grow tents assist in keeping undesirable temperatures away from your plants. You will find decent tents with efficient ventilation systems that keep the weed from heat or the passersby from smelling it out.

Some of the Quality Tent Suggestions for Marijuana Growth

  • Gorilla Grow Tent LTGGT22 Tent

Gorilla grow tents are easily among the best that the market has to offer, and it would be excusable to populate the entire list with them. Essentially, the brand boasts a wide variety of customization and sizing – you are sure to find the ideal for the weed strain you have.

Specifically, LTGGT22 is compact, sturdy and has an adjustable height. The interlocking steel frame provides the necessary strength, and the adjustable height allows some room for expansion as the plant grows. It features quality and strong zipper, as well as a viewing window – you don’t need to keep opening the tent.

Some of its downsides include the price, which means they are a little expensive than their competitors, but when did good things start coming cheap? You will also need to purchase extension poles separately.

  • iPower GLTENTXS1

The GLTENTXS1 has some outstanding features to make any gardener happy. It is fully water resistant and waterproof, features that you don’t get in most comparable tents. There is a removable and easy to clean Mylar floor tray and filter traps.

But what is most impressive is the light proofing. No single light from outside can find its way inside the tent, allowing your cannabis to rest when it should be resting – weed needs a period of total darkness. Its zippers are sturdy and will take a significant amount of abuse, and still hold for long, providing the necessary strength