Oil Water Separator – Make Wastewater Filtration More Efficient

An example of an oil separator in a wastewater filtration facility

Oil water separators are devices that are used mostly in wastewater filtration facilities to treat wastewater to a level where it is deemed safe for disposal into an approved discharge area, which is normally the sewer. The equipment removes oils, grease and other hydrocarbons resulting to non-toxic water that can safely be disposed in the drainage pool.

This equipment is vital if your business regularly produces:

  • Wastewater as part of routine operations
  • Discharge of wastewater into a public drain
  • Going for water authority compliance certification

The type of oil water separator needed by any business entity will depend largely on the type of wastewater being produced and the requirements of the local water authority.

Kinds of Oil Water Separators

Oil water separators are normally divided into 4 groups namely:

  1. Coalescing
  2. Vertical Gravity
  3. Hydrocyclone
  4. Petrol and oil interceptor pits

All devices function the same, which is to treat wastewater to a point where it is deemed safe to discharge in a normal public drain. However, they do vary in the way they achieve this objective.

How it Works


This is by far the most commonly used variant. Coalescing oil water separators can remove oils, grease and hydrocarbons from wastewater while at the same time adhere to predefined discharge principles. Media packs are placed in two stages in order to force oil droplets to encroach on surface area. Upon impingement upon the media, the oil droplets rise to the surface and are simply skimmed off onto a waste oil container.


Hydrocyclone oil water separators function by allowing wastewater through a “cyclone chamber” and then apply extreme centrifugal forces. The resulting intense force causes the water and oil to separate from one another.

Petrol and Oil Interceptor

The system normally features two to three compartment gravity flow systems that work on the premise that hydrocarbons, petrol and diesel tend to float above the water. Applying this principle, the contaminants can be separated from one another and then simply skimmed off.

Industries and Businesses that Normally Use Oil Water Separators include:

  • Car repair shops
  • Service stations
  • Car dealerships
  • Commercial car washes
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Food Processing

These are just some of the businesses and industries where these devices are applied. However, they can be used in other sectors, when and where treatment of wastewater is needed.

Importance of Oil Water Separators As Part of Wastewater Filtration

An oil water separator is an effective way of wastewater filtration

Our waterways and sources of fresh water are finite. While the earth is made up mostly of water, only 3% of that is potable or fresh water. Everyday, we dump contaminants into the land and water causing groundwater contamination. The discharge of untreated wastewater into public drains and local estuaries causes significant damage to the environment. Polluted water destroys natural flora and fauna and can have a long-term deleterious effect on the ecosystem, making fresh clean drinking water to become scarcer.

It is therefore no surprise that government-regulating bodies like the US Environmental Protection Agency have strict guidelines on the discharge of wastewater from commercial operations . Local water authorities enforce these guidelines.

If you want to learn more about oil water separators and water filtration services, you may want to call the experts at ProAct USA.

Junk Cars Houston – Tips For Selling Used SUV

Many people today are choosing to buy more second hand cars than brand new ones. Not only is it cheaper but most second hand vehicles being sold in the US today are in very good condition, almost new. Selling a used SUVs as junk cars in Houston is easier now than ever. Here are some tips to guide you.

Use Your Smartphone

use your smartphone to sell your used SUV as junk car in Houston

Just a few taps on your smartphone and you have vital information on facts and price range of the vehicle you are trying to sell. Gone are the days when you have to rely solely on middlemen and used car dealerships just to move your car. You can start selling that SUV with just a few clicks of your phone.

Know the Value

Know the value of your SUV when considering selling it as junk car Houston

People have the wrong conception that just because the SUV is important to them, that importance can be transferred to cash. Sentimental value is just that and nothing more. Your vehicle will be graded based on its condition and current market value. Before you put a price on it, why not look-up how much it is actually worth. Try the Kelley Blue Book. This is a good source of information for you to know how much that SUV sitting in the garage is still worth. Be as truthful as possible when answering questions about details of your SUV. Prepare to provide information on make, model, mileage and current condition.

Prep the Car


Once you have the estimated value of your SUV it is time to prep it for sale. You need to have the vehicle’s title ready. This is important as you need to legally sign ownership to the buyer. Get maintenance records in order. A detailed service maintenance can increase the SUVs value. Take photos under natural light so as to get the best images that you can post online. The more eye-catching, the better. Take pictures from different angles.

Who To Sell It To?

You can sell your used SUV to a junk cars Houston yard

You can sell it to a private buyer, which is pretty straightforward, but requires a bit of selling skills from you so you can get the amount you want. If you are in a hurry to dispose of it you can sell it to a junkyard like We Buy Junk Cars Houston. This is much quicker route as you do not have to take photos or put up online ads. Simply call several junkyards, describe the vehicle as accurately as you can and answer all their questions honestly. You will then be presented an offer. Once all your documents check out they will tow the car and pay you cash on the spot.


Interviewing Houston’s Young Entrepreneurs

Houston Hard Earners Dissected

Society has encouraged us to follow particular route. The fact of how young men and women should grow up and encourage themselves. The simple fact that following high school you go to college/university at a belief that in the event that you work hard and long enough following a 09:00 to 17:00 occupation you’ll be rewarded with a lifestyle of your dreams. Unfortunately the great majority of individuals are yet to experience this freedom. They’re stuck in the practice of debt, strain and disappointment. Now consider where we’re… now more and more people are losing their jobs, saving as well as their homes.

If you need things to change, it has to come to us to do it. Exotic millionaires of the very edge of each industry as opposed to after the convectional route created centuries ago today non-conformer had thought, trusted their instincts and took a risk and that risk paid off.

Individually and together, they’re helping to make a heaven shift of personal awareness in what’s possible for your life now. Contemporary day radical soul of business who constructed multimillion dollars home buyer businesses combined together for the very first time with year mentors, to exploit the key of wealth development, freedom and achievement.

The manufacturer of this movie Louis Lautman embarked on a trip across the USA that took him a few months educating about 50 of their country most successful youthful self made multimillionaires and entrepreneur specialists and realised that you could be, do, have anything that you would like no matter your situation.

The movie is quite educative and they’re many men and women that will watch the movie and as soon as they employ what they will learn that they will become effective in their careers. The movie was made so easy that almost anybody could comprehend and begin living another life.

There are SIX main characteristics that are discussed that anybody contemplating getting a successful entrepreneur must accommodate and these attributes will stay successful to the recipients for the remainder of their lives.

The New Entrepreneur movie demonstration, including 50 most successful young entrepreneurs is just astonishing and has my nomination for the most effective Educative movie for any young creation, for innovation, value of money and realistic earnings possible.

The film vividly demonstrates that all of us have the ability to create absolutely anything in any age and stocks the recipe the way to perform it. The Film is not fiction, it is real and the heaps of specialists in the movie are living evidence.

The film is a documentary, and a narrative that shares the secrets of the world’s most successful youthful millionaire entrepreneurs. Igniting Your Head, lifting your Soul and getting one to do it; those 3 elements combine out of a real Movie experience.

Touring Assisted Living Communities – A Helpful Guide

Senior Assisted Living Tours

If you have an aging loved one, selecting the correct senior housing is vital to the future of their health and well-being. We are guessing you already realize all the many benefits to assisted living homes. It can be one of the most important decisions you will have to make at some point. While visiting assisted living communities, the quality of care is of utmost importance first and foremost. The decision to move and when rests entirely on you and your loved one. Here are some of the most important factors to look at when touring assisted living communities.

Follow Your Nose

When touring an assisted living community follow your nose. If you notice that there are odd smells in one area it may be due to a recent incident but a constant foul smell in the entire facility means something else altogether.  Inquire how often housekeeping is provided in the senior’s personal living area and get details on response times for maintenance requests and issues.  Level of cleanliness should be top notch.

Visit During an Event

The best time to know how a place handles its residents is when you see for yourself what they are doing during a community event. Inquire whether you can watch activities or even participate yourself. Glance at the community events calendar and determine if it matches the interests of your senior loved one. Inquire about access to religious services and know whether there are trips and outing away from the facility.

Eat a Meal

When you are touring an assisted living community  you need to get a handle on the quality of meals provided to seniors. While it does have to be healthy meals it should still be savory enough to the residents so they will not neglect their nutritional requirements.  Sample the cuisine so you can know yourself. Find out what happens if a resident is not able to come to the dining area to eat.

Security & Safety

Check out the bathrooms if they are accessible or if they have grab bars in convenient areas. Inquire how residents are going to be able to contact staff should they have concerns or if there is an emergency. Find out the patient to staff ratio in order to know whether there are enough people to handle the needs of the residents. Inquire about emergency procedures and determine whether or not staff are certified to perform emergency procedures like CPR or the Heimlich maneuver should someone choke.

Video of an Assisted Living Tour here in Houston


High-pressure pumping and booster stations by Flo-Dynamics Systems

High-pressure pumping and booster stations by Flo-Dynamics Systems, Alberta ,Canada


In a distribution system of water, the pumping stations are essential where the water is directly pumped into the system or where the pressure of the water has to be boosted due to the inadequate difference in the level of water in the gravity flow systems. The capital cost of the pumps is high. However, the priciest elements are the energy supply for the pumps. Hence, it is important that pumps feature a high efficiency as well as they are maintained properly.



A pump is a device that is used to water from one point to another with pressure to surmount the conflict along the journey. It is significant to educate about the different types of pumps, their usage, and designs in order to operate and maintain them. Pumping stations are used for dependable and efficient transportation and distribution of freshwater to ensure its availability for industrial, agricultural, and human purposes.

Pumping stations, which transport water to the distribution systems, are situated close to the portable storage facility or water treatment facility which is directly pumped into transmission the pumping systems. Pumps that force directly into distribution systems and transmission lines may be known as high lift pumps.

Booster pumps are extra pumps that are used to enhance the pressure temporarily. Booster pump stations are tenuously located from the main pump station, as in undulating topography which requires high-pressure zones or to manage peak flows in a distribution system.

Types of pumping:

Typically, there are two kinds of pumps which are used for portable water pumping functions

–    The turbine pump (vertical)

–   The case pump with a vertical split or centrifugal horizontal designed for various water-works operation


Discharging capacity of pumps:

  1. If the pumps are used directly to supply water without a tank, the capacity of the pump will be equal to the request of peak hour.
  2. If the distribution system has a tank, the capacity of the pumps would be equal to the utmost of the daily demand.


Selecting the right kind of pumps:

  • If level of pumping water is below 6 meters, consider using a centrifugal pump
  • If the water level of pumping is between 6 to 20 meters, consider using submersible or jet pumps.
  • If the water level of the pump is more than 20 meters, consider using a vertical line shaft turbine pump or submersible.


Flo-Dynamics designs comprehensive booster pump stations along with all mechanical, electrical, structural, and communication system incorporated. Their water and pressure boosting system that comes with both the pumping system and the control building is included in a single incorporated package. Flo-Dynamics offers the high-pressure pumping and booster stations in order to cater the demand of all applicable local as well as state codes for the structure and the entire incorporated system. Each of the systems is designed and provided with a custom controller, HMIs, touch screen and other options for efficient control. Flo-Dynamics provide comprehensive options for accessories like chemical injector systems, building HVAC, electronically operated dampers, interior lifting cranes, auxiliary power, eye-wash and sound attenuation, etc.


Houston Texas Drone Laws

Drones are becoming very popular and as their application continues to expand, you can only expect to see more drones in your city. Currently, most drones are offered for the purposes of filming, photography and fun (entertainment). Others can even offer surveillance when cameras and audio recorders are attached. Future use in transportation and delivery of online-purchased products is still under review. There are several laws put in place to ensure safety when flying a drone.

Although national and federal laws exist, states may have their own ordinances based on their unique situation and environment. Here is a brief look at Houston drone laws to be followed by everyone who intends to fly a drone:

In Houston, drones fall under UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) just like in all other states. They are remotely controlled and are to be flown in the day only within fly within 100 miles/hour speeds. Those who fly commercial drones should be at least 16 years and must have passed a test on the same. For other pilots, there are three main categories of Houston drone laws to observe.

FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)
The FAA is mandated with issuing a certificate of authorization to public agency personnel who want to fly drones and some 700 US agencies have already applied for the permission. In Texas alone Arlington PD, Houston PD, Department of Public Safety and various Sheriff Departments have already sought permissions to fly a drone. Unfortunately, the FAA does not give authorization to private citizens but they do offer laws to govern their flying. If you own a DJI drone, it must be registered and should weigh between 0.55 and 55 lbs (25 grams to 25 kg). You can register online and download your certificate. The drone should be flown below 400 feet (a 30-40 storey building).

Texas Privacy Act
Texas was among the first states to put laws in place to govern and restrict the use of drones. According to code section 423.002(a) of Texas Government, it is not illegal to take pictures with drones but you must get consent before infringing on other people’s privacy. Capturing images with the sole intent of recording someone for surveillance reasons is illegal within the code. Disclosure of images captured by drones without consent of the subjects may also attract a fine.

City ordinances
The city of Houston requires drone pilots to be at least 18 years old, register the drone with FAA, fly drones not heavier than 55 lbs, fly during daylight hours only and have the ability to fly above 500 feet.

It is advisable to go through all the directions given by FAA and Texas Privacy Act before you start flying drones in Houston. In some places, you can fly drones without image capturing capabilities. In others drones are completely disallowed to protect privacy and/or prevent accidents.

3 New Plants For Your Texas Garden + Peonies

Plants are really beneficial in the course of our daily lives. They provide us with food, shade, rain and are ornamental to the environment. Your garden shouldn’t only be dominated by edible vegetation, but should be a blend of both flowering and food plants. Flowers are beauty enhancers and will really bring out that vibrant flora atmosphere. Isn’t it a great combination to sow vegetables and flowers in the same garden? It is a great idea worth trying out and you won’t be disappointed by the results. Here are some of the 4 new plants that are being planted in most gardens in Texas;

They accentuate the beauty of nature. Once in full bloom, the scene created is breathtaking since it’s beauty reloaded. It creates an alluring ambiance for everyone to gush over it. That happens during spring period. In summer, the flowers wilt and the tree is left with nothing but green leaves which turn gold during fall.

The plant doesn’t require much care provided it is provided a good foundation during planting. Transplanting cannot favor this kind of plants. For nourishment, it only needs a sunny climate with well-drained soils. These kind of plants need a cold season to necessitate bud formation. If you want our recommendation, try one of our favorite pink peonies.

This plant is associated with religious purposes. A lot of people believe this plant can make you see visions and other supernatural experiences. It grows well in moist regions. Its flowers are of different colors; some are blue, white, red or yellow. The plant is somewhat unique in some way. It is hairy on the leaves, stem and flowers for water retention purposes. The hairs produce volatile oils which when touched, the same oil glands rupture releasing a foul smelling substance which wards of animals and insects.

‘Texas Gold’ columbine
Its scientific name is Aquiligia chrysantha. This kind of plant flourishes well in shady regions especially under trees. They bloom to produce yellow flowers which lights up the garden. It should always be watered to make it grow to its desired size and shape of 30 inches tall and 24 inches wide. It does well in dry areas therefore you won’t go through much hassle trying to tend to it. Its brightly colored flowers are a sight to behold for the birds especially the hummingbirds. This is because the same flowers produce a sweet sap liked by birds.

Mexican Sunflower
This is a perennial plant that grows as high as 4 to 6 feet with orange, red or yellow flowers. Once the flowers are in bloom, they stay on for so long without wilting. They grow to a considerable length which makes it easy for one to watch the butterflies as they revolve around the brightly colored flowers of the plant. The leaves are dark green and its flowers bright orange to blend well and entice pollinators. It is advisable to grow the plant from a seed form and the advantage with this plant is that, it is indestructible by pests. They cannot even come near it. It is pest resistant. Dead flower heads should often be plucked off to encourage more blooming.

Flowers are natural beauty to the landscapes. Other flowers are used as food, medicine or even traditional purposes. Sensitization on the importance of plants should be encouraged to drive people to planting more of them in their gardens.

Chevy Safety Features – Keeping Your Family Safe

Chevy Safety Features

When purchasing a car, safety is always a primary concern. Chevrolet fully appreciates this and offers highly advanced safety technologies to keep you at ease while on the road. Its prevent, protect and respond safety packages have been specifically designed to ensure an optimal level of vehicle safety.

The Chevrolet Prevent Package

The prevent package delivers a wide variety of features that can anticipate an imminent collision and help you avoid it.

1. Front pedestrian braking system

The front pedestrian braking system utilizes forward collision camera sensors to detect pedestrian on your way. An amber colored warning icon materializes on the instrument panel whenever a pedestrian is detected. While a red alert flashes on the windshield if you are on a collision course with the pedestrian. This system also activates hard braking if you, for one reason or the other, don’t apply the brakes on time.

2. Lane departure with lane keep assist system

This safety feature functions just as a human eye would to detect lane markings on the road and then determines when you depart from them. If this is the case, the lane keep assist system will then nudge the steering wheel to bring the car back to the right lane.

3. Forward collision alert system

This Chevrolet safety feature works by monitoring the cars, which are directly in front of you while on the road. It then activates a tailgate alert if you happen to follow the car in front of you too closely for comfort. Alternatively, it will activate an imminent collision alert when you approach the car in front of you too quickly and place yourself in an imminent collision course with it.

4. Front automatic braking system

The front automatic braking system extends the forward collision alert function through delivering last second braking, which is designed to significantly minimize the impact of a front collision.

5. Electronic parking system

This safety technology permits you to park your car by simply pressing a button. It then automatically releases itself when you begin to accelerate.

Chevrolet Protect Package

The Chevrolet car safety protect package features include a robust and durable construction and 360 degree airbag system. The first involves the utilization of high strength steel as well as other alloys in the construction of these vehicles. These cages are in an excellent position of effectively absorbing and relaying crash impact energy away from your car’s cabin. This brand also provides safety belts and other related features such as LATCH systems to minimize the risks of injuries in the event of a collision. Also, these vehicles come with the very latest airbag technologies, with virtually all models featuring at least 10 airbags.

Chevrolet Respond Package

In case of a collision, you can get to benefit from the Chevrolet OnStar automatic crash response system. In-built sensors will instantly alert an OnStar advisor who will then be rapidly connected with your car to determine just what help you need. In the event, you are unable to respond, he or she will then utilize GPS technology to ascertain your location and ultimately request emergency assistance to be sent your way. Many models from this brand come with OnStar features as a standard for up to 6 months.

We would like to send special thanks to our friends at ClassicBeaumont.com – car dealership in Beaumont TX. You will the best inventory of Chevrolet cars, trucks and vans at the lowest prices in South East Texas. Make sure to follow them on Facebook for all the latest incentives and specials they are running.

5 Kia Vehicle Safety Features We Love

Kia in Silsbee TX Vehicles

Safety is one of the cornerstones of Kia automobiles. With the passage of time, this South Korean carmaker has developed and perfected advanced safety systems to guarantee you and your passengers are protected against any eventuality. We asked our friends near Silsbee Kia dealership about some of their favorite safety features. Let us now take a look at some of the most notable Kia safety features you should be aware of according to our friends at Classic Kia.

1. Kia advanced high strength steel (AHSS) construction technology

This brand is highly acclaimed for utilizing the innovative advanced high strength steel technology to fashion robust and lightweight body frames for its vehicles. These particular frames are assembled using patented methods and have a critical role in providing maximum collision safety. Very recently, Kia has begun to integrate an increasing ratio of AHSS steel to be able to deliver optimal rigidity as well as protection to its customers. Virtually all modern models currently available in the market now integrate two times the amount of AHSS as when compared to past models. The hot stamping technique in which these body frames are welded, further fortifies the most vulnerable regions of these automobiles’ cabins.

Kia preventive safety technologies

To offer the very best Kia safety features, this South Korean automaker has gone on to develop a wide variety of preventive systems, which come as standard features. This naturally puts you totally at ease while on the road. Generally speaking, all makes and models of this brand now come with active safeguards to enable you to efficiently circumvent any unexpected issue before they can actually occur.

2. Kia autonomous emergency braking system

This safety technology carries out its work by effectively detecting imminent collisions with other vehicles in front of you. It then can automatically apply the brakes to impede the collision course of your Kia or, if necessary, stop it altogether.

3. Kia lane departure warning system

The Kia lane departure warning system is designed to deliver audio and visual alerts that make sure you can stick to the right lanes while on the road.

4. Kia vehicle stability management system

This is yet another highly ingenious example of the very best Kia safety features that this South Korean carmaker has developed and perfected. It carries out its function by been able to monitor road conditions as you drive. Then whenever necessary, it will automatically control both the steering wheel and brakes of your car to guarantee maximum on-road stability. This of course makes sure that you can have a smooth, and more to the point, safe ride at all times.

5. Kia pedestrian bumper system

All newer models of this given brand come with invaluable Kia safety features to protect those around you in the event you are involved in an accident. As such, when you have the misfortune of colliding with a pedestrian, the bumpers of these vehicles feature lower stiffeners that are added to their bumpers. These stiffeners have been specifically designed to be in a position of significantly reducing the level of crash impact with the pedestrian’s knees along with legs. This naturally ensures that these individuals can be able to fall on your Kia’s hood. Instead of falling over it or even beneath it and thereby greatly minimize the overall injuries they can sustain as a direct result of colliding with your vehicle.

Top 3 Electricity Companies in Texas

Texas Electricity

Electricity is one of the most indispensable facilities that power human life on a second-to-second basis. Due to the ubiquitous necessity of this extremely vital service, there are thousands of companies jostling for an inexhaustibly guaranteed market in the energy sector. As such, it is quite challenging for the average consumer to choose the most affordable electricity supplier in this crowded industry. Therefore, discussed below are some of the leading energy companies in Texas. Read on to know the top 3 electricity companies in Texas.

1. TriEagle Energy

For keen Texans shopping for the most discounted energy charges, TriEagle Energy is no doubt the right electricity supplier to pick. This leading energy provider is outstandingly focused on matchless service delivery as well as building greater trust among its commercial and residential customers not only in Texas but also other states such as Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The trailblazing company has created an insurmountable competitive edge over their market rivals due to their incredibly consumer-oriented products and practical solutions for everyone. For instance, the TriEagle energy & electricity coupon codes give Texas residents an incomparable chance to save remarkable amount of money on electricity bills. Presently, consumers can reduce their regular energy bills by up to a whole 35% by using these fantastic coupon codes.

2. Champion Energy Services

Backed by the clean power company – Calpine, Champion Energy Services is among the most notable electricity providers in Texas. As a result of its inimitable energy deals, the firm has established an extensive customer base that stretches to other areas such as Pennsylvania. One of the most appealing aspects of this company is that it primarily provides electricity to individuals and commercial clients living in deregulated markets in the South. If you have been paying unbearably higher-than-ordinary energy bills every other month, this company is a top choice that will markedly minimize your energy expenditure as soon as the following month.

If the hundreds of praiseworthy consumer reviews on the internet are anything to go by, then Champion Energy Services is also a great energy supplier in Texas. Ranging from an awesome customer support team to an unbeatably responsive emergency crew on the ground, this is without denying the ultimate electricity provider for anyone who’s tired of dealing with rude power suppliers out there.

3. Just Energy

Although this giant company supplies electricity to several millions of consumers not only in Texas but also beyond the United State’s borders, its service provision chain has not been bogged down by its colossal corporate size. Besides, helping you reduce your regular energy expenses, the firm also offers green energy options at amazingly discounted prices. Most admirably, their SmartStat thermostat version is precisely the type of hi-tech appliance you need to save unprecedented amounts of money day after day.

To get an overview of how Just Energy treats their esteemed customers, try searching for user comments on the internet. You’ll discover that the user-oriented electricity company has an honest billing system that doesn’t have any hidden charges. As you’ll definitely from tens of candid customer reviews about this top-cadre energy company, even slightly disgruntled consumers who raised any issues with their systems finally had their problems promptly handled in a professional and consumer-conscious manner.

TriEagle Energy Video

Here is a great short video on our number one pick TriEagle Energy.